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Huawei E5172 Embedded 4G Router with Ethernet Port and WiFi

Huawei E5172 Embedded 4G Router with Ethernet Port and WiFi
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Ref: E5172s-22 4G

Price: 129.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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The Huawei E5172 is a new wireless router for 4G LTE TDD FDD global networks, it features a download speed of up to 150Mbps and provides access to up to 32 WiFi devices as well as desktop computers through an Ethernet cable.

The Huawei E5172 4G Router is the ideal replacement for the Option Globesurfer 3G Router. The E5172 features a single RJ45 Ethernet port, WiFi for up to 32 users and also features an RJ11 telephone port for the connection of a standard analogue telephone to enable GSM calls or can be configured within the web browser interface to enable this POTS phone to make calls over a VoIP service instead. Of course, when using a telephone to make calls over GSM then the 4G SIM card being used with the E5172 4G Router will need to support voice calls.

The E5172As-22 router is the UK version and is supplied with a UK 3 Pin plug and also features an external antenna connector which is the SMA screw type so can be connected to an external 4G antenna if required. The WiFi antennas are inside the router casing and cannot use external WiFi antennas. The E5172 only provides a single SMS antenna port so cannot be used with 4G MiMo antennas and we recommend using an external 4G antenna only in situations where the router is located in a position with very poor or no signal, but an external 4G antenna can be located nearby in a location with a good 4G network signal.

The E5172 CPE Router is an ideal home entertainment and information exchange hub, providing multiple devices simultaneous high-speed Internet access, high-definition video downloads and real-time video viewing and transmission. The Huawei E5172 is also perfect for SOHO and small businesses with its connectivity options to VOIP telephone and fax, printers and other office equipment.

Huawei E5172As-22
4G LTE-FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
4G LTE-TDD 2600Mhz
2G GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz.

Configuration of the E5172 4G router is via an easy to use web interface and can be configured and connected to the 4G network within a few minutes. All you need ius the correct APN settings for your 4G SIM card provider and tariff.

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